Shadow - Top-Professional Jazz Guitar Humbucker

$40.00 - -Designed by Attila Zoller
-World's most popular jazz guitar humbucker
-Produces an extraordinaire warm jazz tone with precise, clear sound
-Completely shielded and vacuum epoxy sealed
-Attaches to the fingerboard
-Measurements of pickup: 69mm width, 11mm thickness, 38 mm height
-Measurements of u-profile: 56mm width, 31mm height

As Shadow’s founder Joe Marinic met famous Jazz-legend Attila Zoller in the early 60’s and listened to him playing guitar, he realized that a magnetic pickup should be more than just a coil and a magnet. It was also clear that different music styles need different kinds of magnetic pickups. Together with Attila, Shadow developed the legendary SH AZ 48 which is still today the most respected pickup among jazz guitar players.

The SH AZ 48 is world's most popular jazz gutiar pickup. It features an unique "wide" string sampling field that produces a warm jazz tone with precise, clear sound. Iron cores are trimmed to provide balanced string output and clear string definition when playing chords. Coils are fully shielded and vacuum epoxy sealed for reliable, noise-free performance. Attaches to the fingerboard and floats between the body and strings. Shielded single conductor output.

SH AZ 48 is a floating jazz-guitar humbucker, completely shielded and vacuum epoxy sealed. The flat frequency response enables every single note to be heard when playing chords.

Also available: SH AZ 49 - same as SH AZ 48 but for ring mounting.


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