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Yamaha STAGEPAS100BTR Portable PA System

Manufacturer #:STAGEPAS100BTR

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The STAGEPAS 100 portable PA system strikes a perfect balance between high-quality sound and ultimate portability that will allow you to turn virtually any location into your own intimate live stage. Coming in two versions, one with a battery and one without, the lightweight yet durable design, effort-less operation, and astonishing sound of the STAGEPAS 100 will help you reach your audience with the full expression of your performance.

Compact design. Big sound.

Far more than just a speaker that amplifies your mic or instrument inputs, the diminutive STAGEPAS 100 delivers impressive sonic performance by leveraging some of the same technologies used in our high-end professional products. A powerful, high-quality coaxial compression driver combined with Yamaha’s FIR-X filters for the HF and LF crossover deliver sound pressure, precise phase response, and a natural dispersion that will ensure every nuance of your performance is conveyed loud and clear to your audience.

Advanced technology condensed into a compact unit

Coaxial compression drivers utilize a common motor structure sharing a single magnet, reducing weight and bringing LF and HF closer together to provide a more ideal point sound source. Since sharing a magnet reduces magnetic flux, lowering the sound pressure, these drivers use voice coils made of a light aluminum material called "CCAW" wound in a square shape referred to as "Edgewound" to increase magnetic flux and ensure sufficient sound pressure, and also feature a device called a "demodulation ring" that suppresses magnetic flux disturbance to maintain a high level of sound quality. Additionally, they are equipped with an air venting structure in the basket to reduce LF wavering at high volumes, a polyimide diaphragm to balance HF durability with smooth high-frequency characteristics, and a short aluminum horn for better directional control, durability, and heat dissipation. These compact units house advanced, state-of-the-art technologies.

Start the show in seconds

With an unrivaled ease of operation and a setup requiring mere seconds, the STAGEPAS 100 will have you sounding great and performing in an instant. Just turn the power on, connect a micro-phone and your instrument, turn the volume up, and you're ready to go. The master EQ is right on the front panel making it easy to dial in your sound or adjust settings on the fly.

“A PA in the palm of your hand”

With all the essentials for a compact PA packed into a durable cabinet weighing just 5 kg, the STAGEPAS 100 takes portability to a whole new level. Having a personal live stage you can easily carry in one hand makes it possible to set up and play literally anywhere, anytime.

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