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Fearsome Sound Tuber FS1C 2L Single Channel Distortion Pedal

The TUBER product line provides vacuum tube-based analog signal processing in Stomp Box Pedal packages. Distortion and Tremolo pedals are currently available.

Common to all TUBER products, the internal step-up voltage supply drives the tube plates at more than 200 volts - much like a typical preamp tube in a tube-based guitar amp. A 12 vac adapter is provided. A separate internal regulated dc voltage supply provides power to the tube filaments to ensure quiet circuit operation. High input impedance and a buffered, low impedance output connection means TUBER products will play well with the other devices in your pedal  chain and your recording hardware.  TUBER circuit boards are manufactured in a state of the art factory employing ISO9001 inspection standards.

TUBER-Distortion pedals are available with one channel (FS1C)  or two channel (FS2C)  operation and include separate drive and output level controls and a very responsive James-like tone stack offering separate treble and bass control. An optional headphone jack and level control can be provided for signal monitoring - ask about this feature if you are interested. Foot Switches provide for "on" or " bypass" modes and channel selection (for the two channel variant). Two on-board 12AX7 vacuum tubes provide plenty of drive and volume. The tube bay will accept any 12A_7 tube so users can mix and match tube gains to paint their own tone picture. You can set up any TUBER Distortion product variant as a clean boost or high saturation monster - although its sweet spot is Marshall and Soldano style crunch and high gain tones - and everything in between! The two channel variants allow you to have both! TUBER PCB layers include grounded copper pours for quiet operation.

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