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Fearsome Sound Paladin Preamp

Preamp was the first of the Paladin solid state products to be offered by Fearsome Sound.

High frequency Charge Pump power supply technology means the on-board solid state chip circuitry is provided with dual (positive and negative) voltages - the optimum environment for audio applications.

Preamp’s high impedance input is designed to accept your instrument or pedalboard signal chain output. If your signal is a little hot or cold, you can pad the signal up or down with Preamp’s input level control.

Three independent, level-controlled outputs are provided:
Headphone Out - mono output designed for 4 to 32 ohm stereo or mono headphones. Over the ear models perform best.
Unbalanced Out - low impedance output designed to drive an instrument amplifier input or the unbalanced input of an audio board or computer recording interface.
Balanced Out - low impedance, balanced, Tip, Ring Sleeve (TRS) output designed to drive a balanced  audio board input or computer recording interface.

The Tone Stack

The passive tone stack provides control of treble and bass boost and cut for all three outputs. The Tone Stack has essentially no effect on your signal when the controls are in the 12 o’clock position.

The Enclosure

Paladin Preamp is housed in a Hammond 1550C cast aluminum box. Dimensions are only slightly bigger than stompbox typical: Length 115mm (4.53in) x Width 90.0mm (3.54in) x Height 55.2 mm (2.17in).

Preamp Power Requirements

Preamp requires a  typical Stompbox 9vdc center negative voltage supply - either a dedicated wall wart or a power line from your multi tap pedal board power supply. Preamp is not battery powered.

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