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Los Cabos LCD7APINK 7A Hickory Pink Drumsticks

Superior Quality Drumsticks Starts With The Wood

The difference is in our wood

Every dowel is hand inspected to ensure that the grain is straight and free of outer defects; only then does it make it to our lathes to be turned into a Los Cabos Drumstick.

White Hickory is the sapwood of the hickory tree and is well known for its shock absorption and consistency.

Back in November 2010 Los Cabos launched their Think Pink campaign to raise money for breast cancer research and related charities. The initial idea was to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our 5A Hickory Pinks towards breast cancer research. Based on the success of this campaign having generated far more interest than originally expected, we've decided to extend our efforts! Simply put, this means that all 5A Hickory Pinks sold will continue to fund and support this very important and worthy cause.

15.50" x 0.543" | 394mm X 13.8mm
Acorn Tip
Medium Taper

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