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Sell Your Gear

Gear to Sell?  We Can Help.

There are 2 options to sell your gear through Tony's. 

  • You can consign an item to us and we will position it in our store for sale, or
  • We can accept your gear on trade on another purchase.  We do not currently purchase instruments for cash.


  • Bring in the instrument (call first for larger instruments such as drum kits or pianos).
  • We will evaluate the instrument to ensure it meets our minimum standards for sale.
  • If repairs or adjustments are needed we will provide a quote for you to approve.
  • You can set a desired sell price as well as a minimum sell price (the minimum establishes the lowest price we can sell the item for without involving you in negotiation with the customer).  Naturally we look to get the best price possible for your instrument while trying to sell in a timely manner.
  • Once any repairs are completed the item will be displayed in store.
  • We list your item on our online selling channels - Reverb, Tony's Music Box website.
  • We also may do social media posts and inclusion in our newsletter.
  • When the item sells, we contact you with details of the sale and pay you the selling price less our commission (the normal commission rate is 25% in-store and online and includes payment processing fees).  Payment is issued by cheque or e-transfer.
  • Note that per Canadian government regulations we must charge sales taxes on all consignment sales.


  • If you are looking to buy something in store (either from our current stock or via special order), we can take your instrument on trade.
  • As with a consignment arrangement we will evaluate the instrument to verify that it's in saleable condition.
  • If repairs are required we will advise and provide a quote for the work.
  • We will provide you with a trade-in allowance which can be placed against the item(s) you're purchasing.
  • When trading in items you will also save the sales tax on your trade-in allowance.

Looking for what we have in stock?

We do have a selection of preowned and consignment instruments in stock which you can see in-store or check them out in our Deals Centre here.