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Road Crew Rewards

What's the Road Crew?

It's a few things really:

  • a loyalty & rewards program for our customers.

  • our monthly newsletter

  • what we call our online community on various social media platforms

Why 'Road Crew'?  Why not just call it a rewards program?

Well that's an easy one.  We are a music store who serves a breadth of musicians from novice to master, hobbyist to enthusiast, student to teacher, virtuoso to creative... you get the point.  As a member of the road crew, you are part of the insiders, part of the family, a part of us.  You know who we are, what we're about, and want to jump on the tour bus and make the journey together.

How do I become a member?

Easy.  Just sign up on our website where it says 'stay up to date with the latest news and developments'.  You can also let us know in-store and we'll make sure that we get you on the bus.

Is there a VIP program?

Sorta.  We think of everyone as a VIP, but for those who pass a certain point threshold, you will have reached the level of Producer.  As a producer, not only are you along for the ride, but you’ve become a part of the creative process itself. You help shape Tony’s and ensure its future.

Where can I learn more?

Call us or ask a band member in-store for more details.

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