Diamond - CPR-JR - Comp. Jr.

• vactrol opto-isolator variable resistance path as used in high-end studio compressors for smooth attack and decay characteristics while preserving initial signal transients.
• post-compressor ‘tilt’ EQ provides a very musical tailoring of frequency response – seamlessly transition from a darker jazz voicing to a bright jangle, with flat frequency response at the center detent position.
• optimized gain staging and use of ultra low noise transistor and opamps in signal path for lowest possible noise and extended signal headroom.
• premium audio components, including tight tolerance Panasonic PPS capacitors and metal film resistors.
• top mounted jacks on a small enclosure for tight pedalboard layouts.
• 9V battery power, with standard 9V negative tip adapter ready.
• bi-color LED provides visual indication of depth of compression and power.
• true bypass operation.


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