Diamond - Marquis Treble Boost

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The Marquis Treble Boost pedal by Diamond Guitar Pedals offers excellent tone, quality and versatility. As described by Diamond pedals, the term Treble Booster is something of a misnomer. Some might say if the goal of this pedal is simply to increase the treble or mid frequencies of your guitar signal, why not simply do it on the EQ of your amp? In reality however the Diamond Marquis Treble Boost does much more than just this. The Diamond Marquis Treble Boost pedal does somewhat reduce low end frequencies while increasing upper midranges. However in addition to this, the Diamond Marquis Treble Boost adds a certain amount of grit or overdrive to your tone. By running what is known as this "hot" signal through your amp you are able to get a tone quite different than from just adjusting the amp's EQ. Built with a genuine Germanium transistor, the Diamond Marquis Treble Boost is based on Diamond's limited run J-Drive TR, which was based upon vintage treble boost effect pedal circuits. Now combined into the Diamond Marquis Treble Boost, this pedal is reminiscent of the tones of the '60s and '70s with their signature overdrive and sustain. The Diamond Marquis Treble Boost pedal features an On/Off bypass foot switch, as well as a Gain control knob. This knob allows you to control the amount of boost output generated by the pedal. In addition, the Diamond Marquis Treble Boost features a mode switch to alternate between the Germanium and Hybrid modes. Germanium mode works best when being added to an already overdriven signal for added sustain. In Hybrid mode all frequencies are boosted evenly, though there is less output than in Germanium mode and less added grit to the tone. This setting is more fitting for being added to a relatively clean signal. The Diamond Marquis Treble Boost offers two versatile modes to add everything from a little boost, to excellent grit and sustain to your tone.

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