Tycoon - 10 inch. Fiberglass Djembe - Rope Tuned

$134.99 - -Deep, loud bass tones and high, sharp slap tones
-Lightweight shell is pefect for hours of play
-Rubber ring at the bass of drum to protect your instrument and your floor
-Hand picked high quality goatskin head

Tycoon Percussion's 10" African Rope Tuned Djembe is easily portable and compliments any drum circle. Hand carved from a single piece of sun-dried Mango Wood, this drum features a high quality 10" goat skin head and non-stretch rope for durable, long-lasting tuning. Hand-crafted orange chiseled finish. Tycoon Percussion uses only plantation farmed Siam Oak wood in the production of their instruments, allowing for the highest quality product to be manufactured and distributed, as well as preserving old-growth forests in our world's ever changing environment.

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