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Pearl PMTD8GMF687 G Major

Metal Tongue Drum - Blue Burst
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Awakening Series Tongue Drums

Tongue drums derive their name from the tongue shaped areas where you strike the instrument. The results are a cosmic blend of tones that are as much fun to hear as play. Pearl offers 6 Awakening Series Tongue Drums, three 8-note and three 9-note drums tuned to different pentatonic scales.

A portion of the sales of Pearl's Awakening Series tongue drums are donated to The Rhythmic Arts Program. (TRAP) educates individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities as well as typical young children, by embracing a unique methodology that encompasses rhythm as a modality to address basic life and learning skills as well as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Each drum features a 10” hardened steel shell with precise laser cut tongues for accurate and consistent tuning. Pearl Tongue drums can be played with your fingers or with a set of mallets included with each drum.



SIZE: 10"
SHELL: Steel
TONGUES: Laser cut, 8 note and 9 note options
SCALES: 6 pentatonic options
MALLETS: One pair included (PMTGM)
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