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Tsu-Ning said: "Those who are not in tune do not get the gig." Performance is challenging enough without placing yourself at a deficit before you begin. Start on the right footing with these tips.

The great Chinese philosopher Tsu-Ning has said : "Those who are not in tune do not get the gig."  Performance can be challenging enough, so why place yourself at a deficit before you begin?  Here are a few simple tips to help you position yourself for a great gig. 
  • There have been great advancements with clip on tuners, pedal tuners and phone app tuners but these are not the end of the story. You also need to make sure your guitar is properly set up. Our qualified tech team here at Tony's Music Box can help with that.
  • Make sure your strings are in good condition and that they are clean and free of buildup that can happen after extended playing sessions. Make sure you have an appropriate gauge string for the instrument you are playing. It is amazing how much difference a string can make. Our qualified sales team can help with that.
  • Finally, use your EARS. If it doesn't sound in tune, it probably isn't. Don't rely exclusively on tuners and make sure you check your instrument in different playing positions and 'temper' it (make small corrections) until it really sings. 
Playing an instrument that is in tune can be a very satisfying experience and can make a good sounding instrument sound GREAT!


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