Mighty Bright - 53510 Orchestra Light

Mighty Bright proudly introduces the ultimate Orchestra Light. Utilizing a combination of modern LED technology and precisely engineered optics, the Orchestra Light is the brightest, most efficient, most versatile music stand light on the market. Nine LEDs illuminate up to four pages of sheet music Easy access power switch controls two brightness levels Powered by an AC adapter or three AA batteries (both included) Longer Life: The LEDs in the Orchestra Light will last for 100,000 hours of continuous use, eliminating the need to replace bulbs. Better Light Coverage: The Orchestra Light incorporates a precision lens that distributes light evenly across an area that will accommodate up to four pages. Portability: Play anywhere with three AA batteries. No need for AC outlets, overloaded power strips, and cords to trip over. Set-up and tear-down are dramatically simplified, providing more time to focus on the performance. Flexibility: A strong gooseneck allows movement of the lamp head in every direction and holds it firmly in the desired position. Rugged: LEDs will not break like incandescent bulbs during set-up and tear-down. AC Adapter: An adapter is included for plug-in use and features an extra long power cord (13 feet/4 meters). Carrying Case: Durable zipper bag secures and protects the light and AC adapter. Batteries: Three AA batteries are included. Fresh batteries will provide approximately 16 hours of continuous use with the light on the high setting, and 24 hours of continuous use with the light on the low setting.

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