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"Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus"?
"Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus"? Jason Sonier takes a closer look at this statement and offers an alternate take based on his experience writing original music.
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Dampening Drums for Tone Control & Creativity
Karl Gans dives into the why's, when's and how to's of dampening drums.
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On Guitar Hum-Ding-Ification (Humidification)
Matt hits a note with a season-appropriate topic of guitar humidification. Know the pitfalls of improper maintenance and how to avoid them.
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Lennon, Leadership, and Why You Shouldn’t Always Be the ‘Smartest Person in the Room'
The 'smartest person in the room'. That title typically evokes with a sense of status and exceptionality. But what if you being the smartest one in the room is actually a disadvantage?
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Tsu-Ning said: "Those who are not in tune do not get the gig." Performance is challenging enough without placing yourself at a deficit before you begin. Start on the right footing with these tips.
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